Crate-Free Pigs: The Global Movement

The world is moving away from confinement of breeding sows in gestation crates, toward more humane crate-free production systems.

Who has joined the movement?

Due to concerns for the welfare of intensively confined sows, legislative, industry, and corporate policies are increasingly phasing out the use of gestation crates.

Why a Crate-free world?

Throughout nearly the entirety of their 112-115 day pregnancies, most breeding sows are confined in gestation crates (also known as sow stalls)—individual metal enclosures so restrictive that the pigs cannot turn around. Confined in these crates, sows suffer a number of significant welfare problems, including physical and mental ailments.


We will support and implement actions to promote animal health and welfare, and eliminate practices which contravene the “Five Freedoms,” and tackle the root causes of those practices. In particular, we will initially focus upon:...For pigs: gestation crates; tail docking; surgical castration.

With more than 2,000 restaurants in our global footprint, our goal is to have a considerable impact on sustainable sourcing in our industry as well as drive humane treatment of animals throughout our supply chain.

Carnival Corporation & plc supports the pork industry’s movement away from gestation crates and will work to ensure that our own pork supply is free of these cages by 2022.

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